Concerned Owners

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

-George Santayana, The Life of Reason, ~1904

This page contains editorial comment which does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Association or its Board of Trustees.

The Concerned Owners group formed in late 2004 with the mission of filling the "information vacuum" here in Society Hill. To accomplish this goal, the group started its own community newsletter, and to minimize cost, distributed it via e-mail. The main forces behind the list were Kevin Wine and Greg Machyowsky, and the main mission was to get good people on the board and get the board focused on controling the run-away maintenance fees. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the newsletter, just send an e-mail to

In March of 2008, another Society Hill e-newsletter appeared, with a deliberatly similar name Concerned Homeowners. It is run by a totally different group, mainly Steve Bullock and Cindy Bitowf, with the apparent mission of destroying and undermining whatever changes and improvements Mr. Wine and Mr. Machyowsky are attempting to make. Mr. Bullock, who usually operates anonymously "behind the scenes", and Ms. Bitowf also started their own anonymous WEB site, dedicated exclusively to bashing Mr. Wine and Mr. Machyowsky. The anonymous cowards stop at nothing to con residents into supporting their cause, filling their WEB pages with endless lies, distortions, and fear.

The original Concerned Owners e-newsletter set out to accomplish what the Association's official print newsletter should have been doing all these years - getting residents informed, interested, and involved in their community. A secondary goal is getting you the information you need on what is really going on so you can make an informed decision come annual election time. Unless and until the Board of Trustees matures to the point where it is comfortable with being the source of such a publication, an independent newsletter will remain a practical reality here in Society Hill.

Archived copies of all the Concerned Owners e-newsletter issues are available for review (resident login required), if you would like to catch up on events of the last several months.

Over the years, there has been a variety of campaign literature - postcards, newsletters, and flyers. To preserve the history of those campaigns, the issues, and the people involved, much of the past campaign literature has been collected here below.

The first Concerned Owners postcard, mailed in October 2004 for the annual election. All three candidates, Mr. Nazir, Mr. Wine, and Ms. Graham, were elected.

The 2004 election "Thank You" postcard, and budget meeting notice. On the other side was the announcement for the 2005 budget presentation at the January board meeting.

The 2005 Concerned Owners Election Newsletter. This contained the 2004/2005 board member voting records on key issues. The theme once again was fee control and improved maintenance, both of which resonated loudly with the residents.

Later in 2005, another postcard to build the Concerned Owners e-mail newsletter.

The 2006 election had the most candidates running in many years. The election postcard from that year, and one of the campaign flyers.

The 2007 postcard, again emphasizing the maintenance fee issue. The Bitowf/O'Beirne flyer, and the Nazir/Selvaganapathy response flyer. Another flyer handout from that year, and the famous Kevin the Crook flyer (now this one could get someone sued!!!).

The May 2008 vindictive and malicious removal petition, written by Ms. Bitowf (and her anonymous supporter Mr. Bullock), targeted at Mr. Wine and Mr. Machyowsky.

Steve and Cindy were very upset over the termination of the landscaping, maintenance, snow-removal, and irrigation contractors, claiming they all did such a wonderful job over the years. Yeah right - get your heads out of the sand. They go on to make ridiculous claims about licensing, insurance, liability, and financial risk, claim we lied about equipiment purchase plans, question the manpower requirements, and claim they weren't notified about the changes. Well, there was a special community meeting on the "Direct Hire" topic on April 7, 2008 (announced several days prior on the 3 red signs), it came up at multiple board meetings (March 10, 2008 and April 14, 2008), was mentioned in the May/June 2008 newsletter and other issues prior, and was mentioned multiple times in the ConcernedOwners e-mailings March 9, April 2, April 7, and April 13. You had to be living under a rock in early 2008 to totally miss the memo. It turned out two guys could mow all the grass in a little over 3 days, which left plenty of time to trim and clean. The liability insurance issue was just to scare people - and it turned out the additional liability premium was minimal - about $3,500 on a combined property/liability policy premium of over $100,000. You do not need to be licensed to mow a lawn, hammer a nail, plow the snow, or even work on most parts of the sprinkler system - this was just "grasping at straws".

The October 2008 "anonymous" (Ms. Bitowf and Mr. Bullock) attack mailing, aimed at undermining Mr. Wine and Mr. Machyowsky, although no names were ever mentioned.

This flyer was totally anonymous - no names indentifying who it's from, or who to vote for. Just a bunch of ridiculous claims, including the claim that we were starting a landscaping, snow-removal, maintenance, and irrigation business, and a claim that the board is inexperienced and doesn't know what it's doing. Well, I don't know how to break this to you Steve and Cindy, but it's YOU that are clueless - we are not starting any businesses here. We are not selling any services to outside customers. We are using employees to provide in-house landscaping, snow-removal, maintenance, and irrigation services - that's it.

The October 2008 Things you don't know about our Board of Trustees flyer, again authored by Ms. Bitowf and the ever-anonymous Mr. Bullock.

Hey, how about Some things you don't know about the authors of this flyer?? Mr. Steven (Ralph) Bullock, 379 Lancaster Court, immediate next-door neighbor of Ms. Cindy Bitowf, 378 Lancaster Court. Mr. Bullock is the anonymous coward that is behind much of the negative attack flyers and mailings. He delights in abusing others and inflicting pain. His vision of Society Hill is a "police state" with total thought control and him as the anonymous mastermind pulling the puppet strings from behind the scenes. He would love to get Ms. Bitowf and Ms. O'Beirne back on the Board and begin using them as his tools of enforcement. How any homeower could even consider facilitating this arrangement is beyond me - Society Hill will be driven right back in to the dark ages with a closed-off board of trustees, poor decisions based on personal vendetta, ruthless rules enforcement, and the inevitable return of the run-away maintenance fees. This may seem mean, but it is critical you understand this relationship and the consequences it carries.

Finally, Mr. Wine, Mr. Machyowsky, and Mr. Sanford respond to the attack.

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