This page contains editorial comment which does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Association or its Board of Trustees.

A variety of opinions and ideas are vital to the effective functioning of any decision making body, especially our Association and its Board of Trustees. Currently our Association suffers from a lack of such input. To help rectify this problem, it is now possible for any resident to express their views (resident login required) right here on this WEB page. It is possible to place both signed and anonymous editorials.

Another vital source of comment and opinion in Society Hill is the Concerned Owners e-Newsletter which contains a wealth of detailed information on issues of interest to the community. Check the Concerned Owners page for more information and how to subscribe to their e-Newsletter.

Editorial Policy: Every effort will be made to place editorials exactly as submitted, however the WEB site operator reserves the right to restrict content in violation of editorial guidelines. You may say anything you like, even about specific individuals, but remember your statements will be displayed in a public forum. You must avoid making statements which are defamatory in nature - that is, statements which you know to be false but you say them anyway, with the intention of harm, and which tend to lower an individuals reputation in the community.

Currently there are no editorials.

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